Latoya S. Cameron Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

April 29, 2020, Latoya S. Cameron Scholarship Foundation, Inc. was established to continue the legacy of love and service that was so eloquently exemplified by the dynamic life of Latoya S. Cameron. The purpose of the LSC Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is to establish a scholarship fund that will support high school seniors who are seeking a career in education or social justice disciplines. 


  • Offering scholarships through financial assistance to minority seniors at Shelby County Schools who are pursuing careers in education or social justice disciplines;

  • Sponsoring fundraising activities in order to maximize the effectiveness of funds contributed to the foundation;

  • Providing high school juniors and seniors information about historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to encourage increased college acceptance at these higher learning institutions.                                                                                                                                                                            

The LSC Scholarship Foundation, Inc. Objectives:

The aim of education is not only to prepare students for productive careers, but also to enable them to live lives of dignity and purpose; not only to generate new knowledge, but to channel that knowledge to humane ends; not merely to study government but to help citizenry that can promote the public good. - Ernest L. Boyer, American Educator

Our Mission

The Latoya S. Cameron Scholarship Foundation, Inc. is committed to providing substantial financial support through awarding college scholarships to promising high school seniors who exemplify strong academic achievement, community service, and stellar leadership skills.


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Our Vision

The LSC Scholarship Foundation, Inc. aims to continue Latoya S. Cameron's legacy by empowering tomorrow's leaders through commitment and service. 

Core Values:

 Award scholarships 

Promote academic excellence

Encourage community outreach

Produce productive citizens who positively impact society

Advocate for equity & access in education through social reform