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Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Now is the time to create a lasting legacy at Cordova High School in honor of Latoya S. Cameron that will transcend graduating classes for years to come. So many of you demonstrated the need to organize and give witness to the impact Ms. Cameron's guidance and leadership had on your lives. For that, we are eternally grateful.

Thus, we are looking for motivated and devoted high school leaders to plan and execute the Latoya S. Cameron Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 5k Masquerade Walk. The walk will be held April 10, 2021, at Cordova High School located at 1800 Berryhill Rd, Cordova, TN 38016. If you are interested in showcasing your leadership skills, obtaining service hours, making a difference in your community, and volunteering your talents to continue the legacy of Cordova High School's own Latoya S. Cameron, we are looking for you! #BecomeaLSCvolunteer

Questions to consider...

  • What skills and talents do you have that will promote the goals of the LSC Scholarship Foundation, Inc.?

  • Are you capable of creating a team of family and friends that will support your efforts? If so, what skills and talents will they offer?

  • Are you available 1-2 hours per week to devote to the service project?

  • Are you available to immediately begin working toward the 5K Masquerade Walk?

  • Are you willing to solicit sponsors to benefit the foundation?

How will the service project strengthen your college application?

  1. Taking an active role in the implementation of the of LSC Scholarship Foundation, Inc. 5K Masquerade Walk demonstrates leadership skills. Leading the service project gives evidence to college admission officers of strong critical thinking skills, ambition, and commitment to task completion required to successfully matriculate through college.

  2. Building a service project from inception demonstrates high functioning organizational skills. The ability needed to successfully execute and organize a well developed plan signifies accuracy and precision, attention to details, excellent time management, and the ability to coordinate people and responsibilities.

  3. Because it will take more than just the talents of one individual to pull together a successful service project, leading this initiative shows that you work well within a team structure. College Admission officers look favorably at self starters who can maximize the talents of others. This is of particular importance as it relates to problem solving strategies and recognizing team member strengths.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"-Helen Keller

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